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Australian Health Daily, by Schwartz Pro, is a news intelligence service for policy professionals published every week day.

There is no comparable single source that provides:

People are busy, content is everywhere. We have a specialised team that focusses on the health sector, and this will save you time and resources.

Australian Health Daily


The Dashboard

At the heart of Australian Health Daily Pro is a suite of tools and services, including a calendar of dates for speeches by key influencers, along with consultation submission deadlines and important regulatory milestones.

Australian Health Daily Dashboard

Legislation, policy and industry report summaries

We’re here to make the daily deluge of policy and industry reports easier to digest. Our summaries draw out just the new and relevant information you need, so you don’t have to sift through reams of background information or spin.

Australian Health Daily Summaries

No ads, ever

Your subscription helps ensure we’re fully dedicated to bringing you the specialist news and analysis you need. It also means no pop-ups, no annoying page takeovers or autoplay video. In fact no ads, ever.

Australian Health Daily has no ads, ever

Who we help

Greg Hunt

Greg Hunt

Ok, so you’re not actually Greg Hunt (unless you’re reading this Mr Hunt, in which case thanks for visiting our site), but you do voraciously consume everything you find on Australia's constantly changing health services sector.

Health Industry


You manage daily communications with government and other stakeholders, including policy positions. You’re tasked with developing key relationships and you can’t afford to let your bosses hear about something important before you do.

Health Associations


Your members don’t quite understand government but it’s your job to translate. Keeping across policy changes in every sector is a massive time suck so you value services that get straight to the point.

Health Regulators


Your organisation is in the spotlight and you have many stakeholders, from other large agencies to vocal consumer groups. You advise on strategy, write speeches and look after submissions and testimony to committee hearings.

Australian Government and health


You’re a chief of staff, policy or media advisor, already deluged by information. You don’t care for journalist bylines, but you do want the inside running on what’s happening in Canberra, and what the health sector is about to do next.

Health investors


The health sector is offering new investment opportunities, but you need to know how they might be affected by policy.

Health consultants and lobbyists

Consultants & Lobbyists

As a paid advocate, you need to be across the policy news affecting your clients on a daily basis — their reputation is on the line. See how your client fits into the bigger picture and use our service to provide them with the best possible advice.

Health consultants and lobbyists


Your team might include people new to the sector or new to government relations. Our Pro Teams service can help save you time getting everyone up to speed.

"Relevant content, well presented. Adds value to my day."

Martin Jones

Our Team

Alex Sampson, Editor Schwartz Pro

Alex Sampson

Executive Editor, Schwartz Pro

Melinda Rollinson, Policy Reporter, Australian Health Daily

Melinda Rollinson

Policy Reporter, Australian Health Daily

Marion Rae, Senior Policy Reporter Schwartz Pro

Marion Rae

Canberra Bureau Chief

Matt Niccoli, Lead Researcher Schwartz Pro

Adrian Black

Policy Reporter, Schwartz Pro

Matt Niccoli, Lead Researcher Schwartz Pro

Matt Niccoli

Lead Researcher

Chenny Chen, Relationship Manager Schwartz

Chenny Chen

Subscriptions Relationship Manager

Journalism and intelligence as service


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$ 69

per month For health professionals
  • For health professionals
  • Original daily journalism dedicated to health policy
  • Daily morning briefing
  • Industry moves (fortnightly)
  • Czar Report (monthly)
  • This Sitting Week email
  • Searchable back catalogue
  • Legislation and policy summaries
  • Industry report summaries
  • Key event calendar
  • No ads ever


$ 179

per month Best for small teams
  • Best for small teams
  • Up to 3 individual logins

Everything Pro, plus:

  • Discounted price for each user compared to Pro


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  • Choose your team size
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